Synthesis of 4'-Functionalized 2,2':6',2''-Terpyridines via the Pyridone Route: Symmetric and Asymmetric bis-Complex Formation

Andres, Philip R.; Hofmeier, Harald; Lohmeijer, Bas G. G.; Schubert, Ulrich S.
2,2':6,2''-Terpyridines functionalized in the 4'-position have been prepared by reaction of 2,6-bis-(pyrid-2-yl)-4-pyridone under basic conditions with different electrophiles. The electrophiles consist of functionalized alkyl chains, which are terminated with different anionic leaving groups such as bromides, chlorides and tosylates. These reactions yielded terpyridines, which were modified at the 4'-position with heptoxy-, bromodecanoxy-, cyanopropoxy-, allyloxy-, styrene-4-ethoxy-, as well as (methoxyethoxy)- ethoxy functionalities. In an approach towards new functional materials based on polymerizable bis-terpyridyl metalion complexes, the 4-epoxy-methoxy terpyridine was complexed with Co(II) in order to yield the paramagnetic bis-complex, which still could be characterized via 1H NMR spectrometry. Additionally, in order to obtain an asymmetric bis-complex with two different terpyridine ligands, methyl-diethyleneoxy-terpyridine-Ru(II)- terpyridine-oxyheptane was prepared utilizing a directed coupling method via Ru(III)/Ru(II) chemistry.
Type of Publication:
terpyridines; metal complexes; epoxides; ruthenium; supramolecular chemistry
2865 – 2871