Performance and Stability of Organic Solar Cells bearing Nitrogen Containing Electron Extraction Layers

Meitzner, Rico; Essomba, Juliette; Alam, Shahidul; Anand, Aman; Engel, Nora; Fulbert, Kevin; Kuma, Krisna; Ayuyasmin, Fernanda; Islam, Moidul; Ugokwe, Chikezie; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Hoppe, Harald
Charge extraction and transport layers represent an important component of organic solar cells. Many different material groups are reported for these layers. Two important classes are metal oxides and organic materials. Many of these organic materials which are used as electron extraction layers are nitrogen containing, we therefore decided to study a broad array of to the largest part so far not reported amine and imine containing organic materials as electron extraction layers (EELs) in organic solar cells and compare them to an archetypical metal oxide electron transport layer (ETL). We were able to obtain certain structure‐property‐relationships for the EELs and to understand what determines their performance to a large part. Furthermore, we studied their effect on the stability of organic solar cells and found them to be reasonable replacements as a cheap, quickly processable, environmentally friendly, bio‐compatible and bio‐degradable alternative as compared to ETLs.
Type of Publication:
Energy Technologie