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126 Synthesis and in vitro Toxicity of D -Glucose and D -Fructose Conjugated Curcumin–Ruthenium Complexes Pröhl, Michael; Buś, Tanja; Czaplewska, Justyna; Träger, Anja; Deicke, Michael; Weiss, Henning; Weigand, Wolfgang; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Gottschaldt, Michael 2016 -- Online version
127 Aqueous zinc-organic polymer battery with a high rate performance and long lifetime Häupler, Bernhard; Rössel, Carsten; Schwenke, Almut M; Winsberg, Jan; Schmidt, Daniel; Wild, Andreas; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
128 Polymer architectures via mass spectrometry and hyphenated techniques: A review Crotty, Sarah; Gerişlioğlu, Selim; Endres, Kevin; Wesdemiotis, Chrys; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
129 Specific Surface versus Electrochemically Active Area of the Carbon/Polypyrrole Capacitor: Correlation of Ion Dynamics Studied by an Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance with BET Surface Mosch, Heike L. K. S.; Akintola, Oluseun; Plass, Winfried; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Ignaszak, Anna 2016 -- Online version
130 Gold Nanoparticle Cluster Arrays for High-Performance SERS Substrates Fabricated by Electro-oxidative Lithography Liu, He; Schwenke, Almut; Kretschmer, Florian; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
131 HD DVD substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy analysis: fabrication, theoretical predictions and practical performance Radu, Andreea I.; Ussembayev, Yera Ye.; Jahn, Martin; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Weber, Karina; Cialla-May, Dana; Höppener, Stephanie; Heisterkamp, Alexander; Popp, Jürgen 2016 -- Online version
132 Synthesis and characterization of metallo-supramolecular polymers Winter, Andreas; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
133 Aryl-Decorated RuII Polypyridyl-type Photosensitizer Approaching NIR Emission with Microsecond Excited State Lifetimes Mede, Tina; Suchland, Benedikt; Görls, Helmar; Parada, Giovanny; Hammarström, Leif; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Jäger, Michael 2016 -- Online version
134 Polymerization of ethylene oxide under controlled monomer addition via a mass flow controller for tailor made polyethylene oxides Vitz, Jürgen; Majdanski, Tobias; Meier, Alexander; Lutz, Pierre J.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
135 Modular Assembly of Poly(naphthalene diimide) and Ru(II) Dyes for an Efficient Light-Induced Charge Separation in Hierarchically Controlled Polymer Architectures Schroot, Robert; Mede, Tina; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Jäger, Michael 2016 -- Online version
136 Dual Responsive Nanoparticles from a RAFT Copolymer Library for the Controlled Delivery of Doxorubicin Yildirim, Turgay; Träger, Anja; Preußger, Elisabeth; Stumpf, Steffi; Kellner, Carolin; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
137 Intra- and inter-supramolecular complexation of poly(butyl methacrylate)-co-2-(1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine copolymers induced by CoII, FeII, and EuIII ions monitored by molecular hydrodynamics methods Pavlov, Georges M.; Perevyazko, Igor; Happ, Bobby; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
138 Antibacterial effect of silver (I) carbohydrate complexes on oral pathogenic key species in vitro Reise, Markus; Gottschaldt, Michael; Matz, Carina; Völpel, Andrea; Jandt, Klaus D.; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Sigusch, Bernd W. 2016 -- Online version
139 Efficient Energy Transfer and Metal Coupling in Cyanide-Bridged Heterodinuclear Complexes Based on (Bipyridine)(terpyridine)ruthenium(II) and (Phenylpyridine)iridium(III) Complexes Barthelmes, Kevin; Jäger, Michael; Kübel, Joachim; Friebe, Christian; Winter, Andreas; Wächtler, Maria; Dietzek, Benjamin; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
140 Poly(boron-dipyrromethene)—A Redox-Active Polymer Class for Polymer Redox-Flow Batteries Winsberg, Jan; Hagemann, Tino; Münch, Simon; Friebe, Christian; Häupler, Bernhard; Janoschka, Tobias; Morgenstern, Sabine; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
141 Energy transfer and formation of long-lived 3MLCT states in multimetallic complexes with extended highly conjugated bis-terpyridyl ligands Wächstler, Maria; Kübel, Joachim; Barthelmes, Kevin; Winter, Andreas; Schmiedel, Alexander; Pascher, Torbjoern; Lampert, Christoph; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Dietzek, Benjamin 2016 -- Online version
142 Synthesis and characterization of colored EUDRAGIT® as enteric coating material Pérez-Ibarbia, Leire; Majdanski, Tobias; Schubert, Stephanie; Windhab, Norbert; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
143 Abundance correction for mass discrimination effects in polymer mass spectra Engler, Martin S.; Crotty, Sarah; Barthel, Markus J.; Pietsch, Christian; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Böcker, Sebastian 2016 -- Online version
144 Immobilized glycopolymers: Synthesis, methods and applications von der Ehe, Christian; Weber, Christine; Gottschaldt, Michael; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
145 Multigrid MALDI mass spectrometry imaging (mMALDI MSI) Urbanek, Annett; Hölzer, Stefan; Knop, Katrin; Schubert, Ulrich S.; von Eggeling, Ferdinand 2016 -- Online version
146 Cellular uptake of PLA nanoparticles studied by light and electron microscopy: synthesis, characterization and biocompatibility studies using an iridium(III) complex as correlative label Reifarth, Martin; Pretzel, David; Schubert, Stephanie; Weber, Christine; Heintzmann, Rainer; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
147 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of novel redox-active polymers with anthraquinone moieties by Pd-catalyzed cyclopolymerization of dienes Motokuni, Kenya; Häupler, Bernard; Burges, René; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2016 -- Online version
148 Antigen delivery via hydrophilic PEG-b-PAGE-b-PLGA nanoparticles boosts vaccination induced T cell immunity Rietscher, René; Schröder, Matthias; Janke, Julia; Czaplewska, Justyna; Gottschaldt, Michael; Scherließ, Regina; Hanefeld, Andrea; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Schneider, Marc; Knolle, Percy A.; Lehr, Claus-Michael 2016 -- Online version
149 4,5-Diarylisoxazol-3-carboxylic acids: A new class of leukotriene biosynthesis inhibitors potentially targeting 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP) Banoglu, Erden; Çelikoğlu, Erşan; Völker, Susanna; Olgaç, Abdurrahman; Gerstmeier, Jana; Garscha, Ulrike; Çalışkan, Burcu; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Carotti, Andrea; Macchiarulo, Antonio; Werz, Oliver 2016 -- Online version
150 Glycopolymer-Functionalized Cryogels as Catch and Release Devices for the Pre-Enrichment of Pathogens von der Ehe, Christian; Buś, Tanja; Weber, Christine; Stumpf, Steffi; Bellstedt, Peter; Hartlieb, Matthias; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Gottschaldt, Michael 2016 -- Online version