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201 Electrodeposited Palladium on MWCNTs as Semi-soluble Heterogeneous Catalyst for Cross-coupling Reactions Radtke, Mariusz; Stumpf, Steffi; Schroeter, Bernd; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Ignaszak, Anna 2015 -- Online version
202 End-functionalized Polylactides using Calcium based Pre-catalyst: Synthesis and Insights by Mass Spectrometry Yildirim, Ilknur; Crotty, Sarah; Festag, Grit; Weber, Christine; Caponi, Pier Francesco; Westerhausen, Matthias; Gottschaldt, Michael; Loh, Claas; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 --
203 MALDI mass spectrometric imaging meets “omics”: recent advances in the fruitful marriage Crecelius, Anna; Schubert, Ulrich S.; von Eggeling, Ferdinand 2015 -- Online version
204 Incorporation of core–shell particles into methacrylate based composites for improvement of the mechanical properties Sandmann, Benedict; Happ, Bobby; Perevyazko, Igor; Rudolph, Tobias; Schacher, Felix H.; Höppener, Stephanie; Mansfeld, Ulrich; Hager, Martin D.; Fischer, Urs K.; Burtscher, Peter; Moszner, Norbert; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 -- Online version
205 Development of Active Organic and Polymeric Materials for Batteries and Solar Cells: Introduction to Essential Characterization Techniques Friebe, Christian; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 --
206 Poly[N-(10-oxo-2-vinylanthracen-9(10H)-ylidene)cyanamide] as a novel cathode material for li-organic batteries Schmidt, Daniel; Häupler, Bernhard; Stolze, Christian; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 -- Online version
207 RAFT made methacrylate copolymers for reversible pH-responsive nanoparticles Yildirim, Turgay; Rinkenauer, Alexandra; Weber, Christine; Träger, Anja; Schubert, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 -- Online version
208 Two-dimensional Raman correlation spectroscopy reveals molecular structural changes during temperature-induced self-healing in polymers based on the Diels-Alder reaction Geitner, Rober; Kötteritzsch, Julia; Siegmann, Michael; Bocklitz, T. W.; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Gräfe, Stefanie; Dietzek, Benjamin; Schmitt, Michael; Popp, J\"urgen 2015 --
209 The correlation of the binding mechanism of the polypyrrole–carbon capacitive interphase with electrochemical stability of the composite electrode Mosch, Heike L. K. S.; Höppener, Stephanie; Paulus, Renzo M.; Schröter, Bernd; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Ignaszak, Anna 2015 -- Online version
210 Reversible Oligomerization of 3-Aryl-2-cyanothioacrylamides via [2s+4s] Cycloaddition to Substituted 3,4-Dihydro-2H-thiopyrans Kötteritzsch, Julia; Bode, Stefan; Yildirim, Ilknur; Weber, Christine; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 -- Online version
211 Synthesis and characterization of new redox-active polymers based on 10-(1,3-dithiol-2-ylidene)anthracen-9(10H)-one derivatives Schmidt, Daniel; Häupler, Bernhard; Friebe, Christian; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 -- Online version
212 High resolution mass spectrometry imaging reveals the occurrence of phenylphenalenone-type compounds in red paracytic stomata and red epidermis tissue of Musa acuminata ssp. zebrina cv. 'Rowe Red' Hölscher, Dirk; Fuchser, Jens; Knop, Katrin; Menezes, Riya; Buerkert, Andreas; Svatoš, Aleš; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Schneider, Bernd 2015 --
213 Amphiphilic star-shaped brushes based on block copolymers-molecular micelles for the delivery of drugs: Hydrodynamic studies Pavlov, George M.; Okatova, O. V.; Gubarev, A. S.; Knop, Katrin; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 -- Online version
214 Functionalized PEG-b-PAGE-b-PLGA triblock terpolymers as materials for nanoparticle preparation Czaplewska, Justyna; Majdanski, Tobias; Barthel, Markus J.; Gottschaldt, Michael; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 -- Online version
215 COCONUT—An Efficient Tool for Estimating Copolymer Compositions from Mass Spectra Engler, Martin S.; Crotty, Sarah; Barthel, Markus J.; Pietsch, Christian; Knop, Katrin; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Böcker, Sebastian 2015 -- Online version
216 Metal Dependent Self-healing Response in Histidine-rich Supramolecular Polymers Enke, Marcel; Bode, Stefan; Vitz, J\"urgen; Schacher, Felix H.; Harrington, Matthew J.; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 --
217 Schizophrenic thermoresponsive block copolymer micelles based on LCST and UCST behavior in ethanol–water mixtures Can, Aydın; Zhang, Qilu; Rudolph, Tobias; Schacher, Felix H.; Gohy, Jean-Francois; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2015 -- Online version
218 Multifunctional poly(methacrylate) polyplex libraries: A platform for gene delivery inspired by nature Favretto, Marco Emanuele; Krieg, Andreas; Schubert, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Brock, Roland 2015 --
219 Amphiphilic N-methylimidazole-functionalized Diblock Copolythiophenes Ghoos, Toon; van den Brande, Niko; Defour, Maxime; Brassinne, Jeremy; Fustin, Charles-Andre; Gohy, Jean-Francois; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Vanormelingen, Wouter; Lutsen, Laurence; Vanderzande, Dirk J.; van Mele, Bruni; Maes, Wouter 2014 -- Online version
220 Amine End-functionalized Poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) as Promising Coating Material for Antifouling Applications Tauhardt, Lutz; Frant, Marion; Pretzel, David; Hartlieb, Matthias; B\"ucher, Christian; Hildebrand, Gerhard; Schröter, Bernd; Weber, Christine; Kempe, Kristian; Gottschaldt, Michael; Liefeith, Klaus; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2014 -- Online version
221 Precise Synthesis of Undecenyl Poly(ethylene oxide) Macromonomers as Heterofunctional Building Blocks for the Synthesis of Linear Diblocks or of Branched Materials Pozza, Gladys; Barthel, Markus J.; Harris, Hassan; Crotty, Sarah; Baumgärtel, Anja; Vitz, J\"urgen; Lutz, Pierre J.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2014 -- Online version
222 Poly(methacrylates) with Pendant Benzoquinone Units - Monomer Synthesis, Polymerization, and Electrochemical Behavior: Potential New Polymer Systems for Organic Batteries Häupler, Bernhard; Ignaszak, Anna; Janoschka, Tobias; Jähnert, Thomas; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2014 -- Online version
223 Small but Powerful: Co-assembly of Polyether-based Triblock Terpolymers into Sub-30 nm Micelles and Synergistic Effects on Cellular Interactions Barthel, Markus J.; Rinkenauer, Alexandra; Wagner, Michael; Mansfeld, Ulrich; Höppener, Stephanie; Czaplewska, Justyna; Gottschaldt, Michael; Träger, Anja; Schacher, Felix H.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2014 -- Online version
224 Simulation and Prediction of the Thermal Sintering Behavior for a Silver Nanoparticle Ink Based on Experimental Input W\"unscher, Sebastian; Rasp, Tobias; Grouchko, Michael; Kamyshny, Alexander; Paulus, Renzo M.; Perelaer, Jolke; Kraft, Torsten; Magdassi, Shlomo; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2014 -- Online version
225 Free-Standing Carbon Nanofibrous Films Prepared by a Fast Microwave-Assisted Synthesis Process Schwenke, Almut; Stumpf, Steffi; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2014 -- Online version