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276 Polyelectrolyte Complexes of DNA and Linear PEI: Formation, Composition and Properties Perevyazko, Igor; Pavlov, George M.; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Stephanie; Bauer, Marius; Fischer, Dagmar; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
277 Thermo-induced Self-assembly of Responsive Poly(DMAEMA-b-DEGMA) Block Copolymers into Multi- and Unilamellar Vesicles Pietsch, Christian; Mansfeld, Ulrich; Guerrero-Sanchez, Carlos; Höppener, Stephanie; Vollrath, Antje; Wagner, Michael; Hoogenboom, Richard; Saubern, Simon; Thang, San H.; Becer, C. Remzi; Chiefari, John; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
278 Induced Charge Effect by Co(II)-complexation on the Conformation of a Copolymer Containing a Bidentate 2-(1,2,3-Triazol-4-yl)pyridine Chelating Unit Happ, Bobby; Pavlov, George M.; Perevyazko, Igor; Hager, Martin D.; Winter, Andreas; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
279 Poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) as Alternative for the Stealth Polymer Poly(ethylene glycol): Comparison of In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Hemocompatibility Bauer, Marius; Lautenschlaeger, Christian; Kempe, Kristian; Tauhardt, Lutz; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Fischer, Dagmar 2012 -- Online version
280 Synthesis of a glycopolymeric PtII carrier and its induction of apoptosis in resistant cancer cells Wild, Andreas; Babiuch, Krzysztof; König, Marcel; Winter, Andreas; Hager, Martin D.; Gottschaldt, Michael; Prokop, Aram; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
281 Fluorometric sensor based on bisterpyridine metallopolymer: detection of cyanide and phosphates in water Wild, Andreas; Winter, Andreas; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
282 Probe-based Electrooxidative Lithography of OTS SAMs deposited onto Transparent ITO Substrates: A Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy Studie Meroni, Daniela; Höppener, Stephanie; Ardizzone, Silvia; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
283 Block Copolymers of Poly(2-oxazoline)s and Poly(meth)acrylates: A Crossover between CROP and RAFT Krieg, Andreas; Weber, Christine; Hoogenboom, Richard; Becer, C. Remzi; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
284 Plasma and Microwave Flash Sintering of a Tailored Silver Nanoparticle Ink Yielding 60% Bulk Conductivity on Cost-effective Polymer Foils Perelaer, Jolke; Jani, Robin; Grouchko, Michael; Kamyshny, Alexander; Magdassi, Shlomo; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
285 Blue emitting side-chain pendant 4-hydroxy-1,3-thiazoles in polystyrenes synthesized by RAFT polymerization Breul, Alexander; Pietsch, Christian; menzel, Roberto; Schäfer, Johann; Teichler, Anke; Hager, Martin D.; Popp, J\"urgen; Dietzek, Benjamin; Beckert, Rainer; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
286 Thermoresponsive Poly(2-oxazine) Block Copolymers Exhibiting two Cloud Points: Complex Multistep Assembly Behaviour Trinh, Loan T. T.; Lambermont-Thijs, Hanneke M. L.; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Hoogenboom, Richard; Kjøniksen, Anna-Lena 2012 -- Online version
287 Water Uptake of Poly(2-N-alkyl-2-oxazoline)s: Temperature-Dependent FT-IR Spectroscopy and Two-Dimensional Correlation Analysis Rettler, Erik; Unger, Miriam V.; Hoogenboom, Richard; Siesler, Heinz W.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
288 Fluorescence Quenching in ZN(II) Bis-terpyridine Coordinated Polymers. A Single Molecule Study Siebert, Ronald; Tian, Yuxi; Camacho, Rafael; Winter, Andreas; Wild, Andreas; Krieg, Andreas; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Scheblykin, Ivan G.; Dietzek, Benjamin; Popp, J\"urgen 2012 -- Online version
289 Towards the Design of LPEI Containing Block Copolymers: Improved Synthesis Protocol, Selective Hydrolysis, and Detailed Characterization Tauhardt, Lutz; Kempe, Kristian; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
290 Microsecond Excited-State Lifetimes in Bistridentate Ruthenium-Terpyridine Complexes Brown, Douglas; Sanguantrakun, Nawaporn; Schulze, Benjamin; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Berlinguette, Curtis 2012 -- Online version
291 Extended-Chain Induced Bulk Morphologies Occur at Surfaces of Thin Co-Oligomer Films Schulze, Robert; Arras, Matthias M. L.; Destri, Giovanni Li; Gottschaldt, Michael; Bossert, Jörg; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Marletta, Giovanni; Jandt, Klaus D.; Keller, Thomas F. 2012 -- Online version
292 Star-shaped Block Copolymers by Copper-catalyzed Azide-alkyne Cycloaddition for Potential Drug Delivery Applications von der Ehe, Christian; Kempe, Kristian; Bauer, Marius; Baumgärtel, Anja; Hager, Martin D.; Fischer, Dagmar; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
293 Preparation, Cellular Internalization and Biocompatibility of Highly Fluorescent PMMA Nanoparticles Vollrath, Antje; Pretzel, David; Pietsch, Christian; Perevyazko, Igor; Schubert, Stephanie; Pavlov, George M.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
294 Application of MALDI-MSI for Photolithographic Materials Crecelius, Anna; Steinacker, Ralf; Meier, Alexander; Alexandrov, Theodore; Vitz, J\"urgen; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
295 Macromonomers as Well-defined Building Blocks in the Synthesis of Hybrid Octafunctional Star-shaped Poly(ethylene oxide)s or Cross-linked Materials Pozza, Gladys; Harris, Hassan; Barthel, Markus J.; Vitz, J\"urgen; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Lutz, Pierre J. 2012 -- Online version
296 Particulate Transepithelial Drug Carriers: Barriers and Materials Babiuch, Krzysztof; Gottschaldt, Michael; Werz, Oliver; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
297 Unexpected Radical Polymerization Behaviour of Oligo(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) Macromonomers Weber, Christine; Babiuch, Krzysztof; Rogers, Sarah; Perevyazko, Igor; Hoogenboom, Richard; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
298 Chelating Fluorene Dyes as Mono- and Ditopic 2-(1H-1,2,3-Triazol-4-yl)pyridine Ligands and Their Corresponding Ruthenium(II) Complexes Happ, Bobby; Schäfer, Johann; Friebe, Christian; Görls, Helmar; Winter, Andreas; Hager, Martin D.; Popp, J\"urgen; Dietzek, Benjamin; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
299 Homo- and Diblock Coploymers of Poly(furfuryl glycidyl ether) by Living Anionic Polymerization: Towards Reversibly Core-Crosslinked Micelles Barthel, Markus J.; Rudolph, Tobias; Crotty, Sarah; Schacher, Felix H.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version
300 Determination of the Relative Ligand Binding Strength in Heteroleptic Ir(III) Complexes by ESI-Q-TOF Tandem Mass Spectrometry Altuntas, Esra; Winter, Andreas; Baumgärtel, Anja; Paulus, Renzo M.; Ulbricht, Christoph; Crecelius, Anna; Risch, Nikolaus; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2012 -- Online version