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301 Fluorescence Imaging of Cancer Tissue Based on Metal-free Polymeric Nanoparticles Vollrath, Antje; Schubert, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
302 Cationic Poly(2-oxazoline) Hydrogels for reversible DNA binding Hartlieb, Matthias; Pretzel, David; Kempe, Kristian; Fritzsche, Carolin; Paulus, Renzo M.; Gottschaldt, Michael; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 -- Online version
303 One-Component Intrinsic Self-Healing Coatings Based on Reversible Crosslinking by Diels-Alder-Cycloadditions Kötteritzsch, Julia; Stumpf, Steffi; Höppener, Stephanie; Vitz, J\"urgen; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
304 Rapid Low-pressure Plasma Sintering of Inkjet Printed Silver Nanoparticles for the Production of RFID Antennas Wolf, Franziska; Perelaer, Jolke; Stumpf, Steffi; Bollen, Dirk; Kriebel, Frank; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 -- Online version
305 Reactive Inkjet Printing of Cathodes for Organic Radical Batteries Janoschka, Tobias; Teichler, Anke; Häupler, Bernhard; Jähnert, Thomas; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 -- Online version
306 pH Degradable Dendron-Functionalized Poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) Prepared by a Cascade "Double-click" Reaction Kempe, Kristian; Onbulak, Sebla; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Sanyal, Amitav; Hoogenboom, Richard 2013 -- Online version
307 4-Deoxyaurone Based UV Nectar Guide Formation in Bidens Ferulifolia (Jacq.)DC Miosic, Silvija; Knop, Katrin; Hölscher, Dirk; Greiner, J\"urgen; Gosch, Christian; Thill, Jana; Kai, Marco; Shreshta, Binita; Schneider, Bernd; Crecelius, Anna; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Svatos, Ales; Stich, Karl; Halbwirth, Heidi 2013 --
308 Synthesis of Thermoresponsive Glycopolymers via ATRP of N-isopropyl Acrylamide and N-allyl Acrylamide and Subsequent Thiol-ene Reaction von der Ehe, Christian; Czaplewska, Justyna; Gottschaldt, Michael; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
309 Mapping the Mechanical Properties of Biomaterials on Different Length Scales: Depth Sensing Indentation and AFM Based Nanoindentation Rettler, Erik; Höppener, Stephanie; Sigusch, Bernd W.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 -- Online version
310 Self-Healing Metallopolymers based on Cadmium Bis(terpyridine) Complex Containing Polymer Networks Bode, Stefan; Bose, Ranjita K.; Matthes, Sebastian; Ehrhardt, Marcel; Seifert, Andreas; Schacher, Felix H.; Paulus, Renzo M.; Stumpf, Steffi; Sandmann, Benedict; Vitz, J\"urgen; Winter, Andreas; Höppener, Stephanie; Garcia, Santiago J.; Spange, Stefan; van der Zwaag, Sybrand; Hager, Martin D.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 -- Online version
311 Inkjet Printing of Chemically Tailored pi-Conjugated Polymers for OLED Applications Teichler, Anke; Shu, Zhe; Wild, Andreas; Bader, Cornelia; Nowotny, J\"urgen; Kirchner, Gerwin; Harkema, Stephan; Perelaer, Jolke; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
312 Tuning the Morphology of Nanostructures formed in Solution by Triblock Terpoly(2-oxazoline) Block Copolymers Containing Fluorinated 2-Phenyl-2-oxazoline Blocks with Varying Fluorine Content Mansfeld, Ulrich; Höppener, Stephanie; Kempe, Kristian; Schumers, Jean-Marc; Gohy, Jean-Francois; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
313 Combinatorial Screening of Inkjet Printed Ternary Blends for Organic Photovoltaics - Absorption Behaviour and Morphology Teichler, Anke; Hölzer, Stefan; Nowotny, J\"urgen; Kretschmer, Florian; Bader, Cornelia; Perelaer, Jolke; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
314 Hierarchical, Guided Self-assemly of Preselected Carbon Nanotubes for the Controlled Fabrication of CNT Structures by Electro-oxidative Nanolithography Druzhinina, Tamara S.; Höppener, Christiane; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
315 Emitting Electrode Coatings with Redox-switchable Conductivity: Incorporation of Ruthenium(II)-2,6-Di(quinolin-8-yl)pyridine Complexes into Polythiophene by Electropolymerization Friebe, Christian; Jäger, Michael; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
316 Photoinduced Polymerization of Multifunctional Azides and Alkynes Sandmann, Benedict; Happ, Bobby; Vitz, J\"urgen; Hager, Martin D.; Burtscher, Peter; Moszner, Norbert; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 -- Online version
317 Linear Metallopolymers from Ruthenium(II)-2,6-di(quinolin-8-yl)pyridine Complexes by Electropolymerization: Formation of Redox-Stable and Emissive Films Friebe, Christian; Görls, Helmar; Jäger, Michael; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
318 Star-shaped Drug Carriers for Doxorubicin with POEGMA and POEtOxMa Brush-like Shells: A Structural, Physical and Biological Comparison Knop, Katrin; Urbanek, Annett; Pretzel, David; Rudolph, Tobias; Scharf, Daniel H.; Träger, Anja; Wagner, Michael; Schubert, Stephanie; Kiehntopf, Michael; Brakhage, Axel A.; Schacher, Felix H.; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
319 Drugs as Matrix to Detect their Own Drug Delivery System of mPEG-b-PCL Block Copolymers in MALDI-TOF MS Knop, Katrin; Stumpf, Steffi; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
320 Opposites Attract: Influence of the Molar Mass of Branched Poly(ethylene imine) on Biophysical Characteristics of siRNA-based Polyplexes Wagner, Michael; Rinkenauer, Alexandra; Träger, Anja; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --
321 Orthogonal Self-assembly of Stimuli-responsive Supramolecular Polymers Using One-step Prepared Heterotelechelic Building Blocks Mansfeld, Ulrich; Winter, Andreas; Hager, Martin D.; Hoogenboom, Richard; G\"unther, Wolfgang; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 -- Online version
322 A Strong Cationic Brønsted Acid, [H(OEt2)2][Al4], as an Efficient initiator for the Cationic Ring-opening Polymerization of 2-Alkyl-2-oxazolines Rudolph, Tobias; Kempe, Kristian; Crotty, Sarah; Paulus, Renzo M.; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Krossing, Ingo; Schacher, Felix H. 2013 -- Online version
323 Resonance Raman Spectral Imaging of Intracellular Uptake of α-Carotene Loaded Poly-(D,L-Lactide-co-glycolide) Nanoparticles Matthäus, Christian; Schubert, Stephanie; Schmitt, Michael; Krafft, Christoph; Dietzek, Benjamin; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Popp, Juergen 2013 -- Online version
324 Investigating the Motion of Diblock Copolymer Assemblies in Ionic Liquids by In Situ Electron Microscopy Mansfeld, Ulrich; Höppener, Stephanie; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 -- Online version
325 Pd-Catalyzed Ring Assembly for SPAAC Reactions: A Versatile Strategy to Aza-dibenzocyclooctynes via Vinylation and Intramolecular HECK Coupling Jäger, Michael; Goerls, Helmar; G\"unther, Wolfgang; Schubert, Ulrich S. 2013 --